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Re: Radio One

When I was riding through Baltimore and scanning the MW dial, I came
across a lot of Gospel stations.  Seems like Baltimore is pretty

Any other cities like that?  I know Charlotte, N.C. also has a healthy
dose of religion on the AM band.

On Tue, 16 May 2000, Scott D Fybush wrote:

> How ironic to have all this discussion of Radio One (and of WBAL,
> for that matter) on a day when I've just returned from a visit
> to Washington and Baltimore...
> On Radio One: Don't expect a simulcast on AM and FM.  It's just
> not the way this company plays the game.  In Washington, they're
> running no fewer than four urban formats:
> WYCB 1340 - black gospel
> WOL 1450 - black talk
> WKYS 93.9 - mainstream R&B, some rap (but nothing too hardcore)
> WMMJ 102.3 - softer R&B aimed at an older, female audience
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