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RE: Subtle Changes at WBZ

I recall playing a PSA for a Christmastime Swap Meet (which ended on
December 24th) on New Years Day. Oh, the pain and embarrasment!! The GM
never cleaned out the computer and even listed it on my list of PSAs to
play. We were about to turn the station over to new ownership in about a
week so we cleared all our accounts... but not the outdated PSAs.  I was
doing fill in for the GM on my last broadcast before letting the Navy take
total control of my schedule aboard the USS Doyle...

Ron Gitschier
Nassau Bahamas

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> From:	Roger Kirk [SMTP:rogerkirk@ttlc.net]
> Subject:	Subtle Changes at WBZ
> Over the past few weeks I've noticed some
> changes at WBZ.  Among these:
> 7. Playing outdated commercials.  This morning,
> a commercial I've never heard before touted
> "offer good until April 15th"  Last week, a florist
> ad reminded us that Secretary's Week starts on April
> 24th.
> Overall, it's just barely noticeable, but reminiscent
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@ttlc.net