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Re: Mr. Schwoegler in Virginia

In a message dated 05/16/2000 12:45:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kc1ih@mac.com writes:

<< I was down in the DC area one day in late March of this year, and on 
 the Beltway in MD around 7 PM I noticed that WBZ was coming in 
 stronger than I've been getting it here recently.  I think it was 
 even stronger than I was getting WTOP around that time. >>


   that's what we might call irony.  of late, with WBZ running at reduced 
power (while i was driving around South Portland, they just plain disappeared 
Monday at 11:30am...), WTOP puts in a more consistent signal on the Maine 
Turnpike in the early evening than WBZ.  

- -Chuck Igo