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Re: Mr. Schwoegler in Virginia

At 8:35 PM -0500 5/15/00, Martin J. Waters wrote:

>         Mr. Schwoegler, who I believe has been a guest on the program
>before, spent a healthy amount of time insulting the brainless people who
>make up a lot of the staff for TV and radio news and weather 
>forecasting in today's world. He even took potshots at his own 

I know he's probably reading this, so I'll say partially tongue in 
cheek that it sounds as if perhaps Mr. Schwoegler is trying to get 
out of his contract.

>         Now, if I could only hear WBZ as well here in Connecticut, day or
>night, as I was getting it in Virginia, I'd be a very happy guy.

I was down in the DC area one day in late March of this year, and on 
the Beltway in MD around 7 PM I noticed that WBZ was coming in 
stronger than I've been getting it here recently.  I think it was 
even stronger than I was getting WTOP around that time.
Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH