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Mr. Schwoegler in Virginia

        Driving home on lovely U.S. 17 through the Virginia boondocks late
last night (well, early this morning, actually), Bruce Schwoegler on the
Steve Leveille Broadcast helped keep me awake. In fact, when they got done
talking about the weather, from midnight to 1, we just could not continue.
We stopped for the night at the nearest Motel 6.
        Mr. Schwoegler, who I believe has been a guest on the program
before, spent a healthy amount of time insulting the brainless people who
make up a lot of the staff for TV and radio news and weather forecasting in
today's world. He even took potshots at his own WBZ-TV. Being the kind of
guy I am, I found myself thinking, it doesn't get any better than this:)
Actually, he gave a very good short critique of the how and the why of so
much news and weather content these days being
overly-hyped/sensationalistic/misleading rubbish.
        Now, if I could only hear WBZ as well here in Connecticut, day or
night, as I was getting it in Virginia, I'd be a very happy guy.


Have you patronized the skywave signal of an AM Class A station today?