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Re: Entercom picks streaming audio partner

With regards to streamcasting Entercom stations:

Howie Carr has gotten complaints that his show isn't
being streamcast...and WRKO's website is still
down. Looks like listeners to his show may finally
get to hear it on their computers...for the record,
ABC Radio has a page pitching Howie's show to radio
stations and they have a link where people can listen
to the first two hours of the previous day's show.

But sometimes I tried it and found that clicking the
link gave me WEEI's "Big Show" instead! Whoops.
For the record, the page can be reached by going
to Howie's UNOFFICIAL site, http://howiecarr.com
then clicking "Howie's Syndicator".

--- Mark <bostonradio@yahoo.com> wrote:
> WEEI is already 'wired'. All WEEI shows(except
> overnight JT The Brick)
> and all Sox games are already being streamcast...

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