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Re: NHPR acknowledges dead air

Yesterday I noted that New Hampshire Public Radio is now airing an
announcement which begins "We've been experiencing some problems with
our audio signal lately.  We apologize for any interruptions in
programming you may have experienced."

The interruptions were significant this evening starting around 5:20.
Announcer Dan Colgan mentioned the problem concerned a microwave link.
In addition to home station WEVO (89.1 Concord), I checked WEVH (91.3
Hanover) and WEVN (90.7 Keene) and found the same snap, crackle, and pop
in place of regular programming.

If the problem's in the STL, then it sounds to me like the other
stations are still getting their programming off air from the Concord
transmitter although I recall some promises a couple years ago about
getting land lines to Hanover and Keene so they wouldn't suffer when
Concord was off the air.