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Re: WJYY morning show

Yesterday I wrote about WJYY (105.5 Concord NH):

> we've heard various combinations of Konrad Kayne, Ernie & Jane, Tommy D,
> >Judy Pancoast, Big Bob Payne, and somebody named Wendy (I think) on the
> >morning shift.
WJYY's Steve Ordinetz replied:

> There never was a Wendy.  I don't know where you got that one.  Maybe
> misunderstood Judy???
Two syllables.  Ends with -dy.  Yes, maybe...but...if only I had a tape
running on the morning of Wednesday, April 26.  I am reasonably certain
that Jim Clark's [sp.?] recorded forecast that morning began with
"Wendy..." and perhaps Judy was just goofing on that when I heard (or
think I heard) somebody identify herself as Wendy around quarter to 7.
That was also about the time I heard a badly botched attempt to put a
listener phone call on the air.  As I think Judy did a great job during
her brief tenure on the morning show, I'd rather associate that ghastly
gaffe with the elusive Wendy, even if said person exists only in my