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Re: Mickey Mouse BITES Bugs Bunny

I think this is a lot bigger than that. Time Warner thinks ABC should pay to be
on there system... ABC thinks it should be the other way around but will
probably agree to free if they also carry Disney. These battles have been
brewing for years. But cable companies have been getting large enough that now
they are starting to take a stand. I actually think its Time Warner who will
loose this one. There subscribers will scream and they will probably back down.
Fox makes systems pay them unless they agree to carry FX and the Fox News
channel and than they get to carry Fox affiliates free. Its all a power
struggle but with RCN, DSS and HDTV  there are other options to consumers so
I'm not sure even with the new cable power houses of ATT/MediaOne and Time
Warner/AOL I'm not sure Cable will ever be able to get money for what many
subscribers could get with an antenna.

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> forget the could get nasty
> http://abcnews.go.com/local/wabc/News/36003_512000.html
> I have to ask a REAL dumb question........WHY would Disney do this in the
> middle of sweeps?????
> This on the surface may be the biggest blunder the Mouse has made.
> For example, what if Time Warner suddenly made Channel 8 in New Haven their
> NYC ABC outlet??? There is something going on here, I don't get and I would
> not want to be the WABC switchboard lady at 9 AM when Regis and Kathy Lee
> are not available on cable in NYC.