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Re: Mickey Mouse BITES Bugs Bunny

Today's Cynthia Turner's Cynopsis reports that Disney offered TW another
extension during sweeps but the cable operator balked, instead pulling the ABC
O&Os in all 11 disputed markets.  The big bone of contention is that Disney
wants TW systems to put the Disney Channel on basic, but TW is refusing.  Isn't
it funny that TW never has this problem with cable channels *they* own!  During
the standoff TW is running either E! (which Disney owns a piece of) or C-SPAN
on the vacated ABC dial position.

> For example, what if Time Warner suddenly made Channel 8 in New Haven their
NYC ABC outlet??? There is something going on here, I don't get and I would
not want to be the WABC switchboard lady at 9 AM when Regis and Kathy Lee
are not available on cable in NYC. <

I seriously doubt TW could legally import a foreign ABC signal while refusing a
legitimate offer to retransmit the local affiliate under the same terms that
expired last night.  Frankly, I think TW and Disney deserve each other, but if
push came to shove, I'm with The Mouse.

Take care,