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Re: Mickey Mouse BITES Bugs Bunny

--- Chris Beckwith <beckwith@ime.net> wrote:
> I seriously doubt TW could legally import a foreign ABC signal while refusing a
> legitimate offer to retransmit the local affiliate under the same terms that
> expired last night.  Frankly, I think TW and Disney deserve each other, but if
> push came to shove, I'm with The Mouse.

You're absolutely right. TW can't just throw on another out-of-market
ABC affil into its line-up just like that. It has to have a signed deal
with that station. It's very unlikely any ABC affil would even get involved
in this situation...

Same here, I am not taking any sides but TW is breaking the law here.
The Cable TV Act of 1992 clearly states that a cable company can't
pull an over-the-air station(even if there's no deal) during
any key measurement periods(Nielsen's May sweeps fall under that 
provision). ABC is demanding that TW carry the stations(without the
deal) at least thru the end of sweeps(May 24th).

I guess we can thank the federal government(then-Senate majority leader
Al Gore led the passage of the CableTV Act after President Bush
vetoed it) for another fine mess they've created...:)


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