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Re: observations

>Kevin Vahey wrote:

>BTW  WTIC did not carry the Sox that day.... held on to WHYN til New Haven
>then WMCA knocked them out... no way to hear the Sox... :(

        Patriot's Day is just another regular weekday outside the great Bay
State and its former colony, of course. And WTIC has not carried weekday
day games for several, or maybe by now the correct word is many, years now.

        With the earlier starts for night games and more of these sort of
twi-night non-doubleheaders (i.e., 6 p.m. starts, etc.) that have come into
greater use in recent years, I imagine they're frowning, too, although
they've been running them. It sounds like they try to keep baseball off
until at least 6 p.m. WTIC actually will omit the pre-game show (which they
usually carry) for some of those early starting times (like if the pre-game
is at 5 or 5:30). They just pick it up five minutes before first pitch.