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Re: Non-compete contract

The fact of the matter is those kinds of contracts were in place and it
was more than just the prime talent had to sign them.  I found it
interesting since it was a CBS contract and CBS imposed this restrictive
non-compete on the talent even after telling the union during contract
negotations that CBS did not require non-competes.  Don't sign it and you
work for scale or not at all...in the real world there are kids to feed,
cloth and educate.


On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 23:55:34 -0400 SteveOrdinetz
<steveord@wavewizard.com> writes:
> Why would ANYONE sign such a restrictive contract?  I can't picture 
> any
> station forcing this on some poor joe who does one weekend overnight 
> shift
> a week, and if someone were a sufficiently high-profile talent, one 
> would
> think that they would have some sort of business agent.  I can't 
> imagine
> any clause so restrictive as this would stand up in any court of 
> law.  

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