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Re: Non-compete contract

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From: "Dave Faneuf"

> negotations that CBS did not require non-competes.  Don't sign it and you
> work for scale or not at all...in the real world there are kids to feed,
> cloth and educate.

Absolutely. I've had to sign a number of these things (no, not for CBS). In
the real world, as long as there's no shortage of  "talent", one's power to
change those terms is limited. For many radio jobs if you're going to object
to contract terms, they'll consider you as someone who just objects to
things in general and no one wants that.

Furthermore I've never been really concerned because there's a long history
of court actions voiding overly restrictive agreements like this as contrary
to public policy, so I figured that would take care of egregious issues.

The management point isn't totally without justification when they say
they've put money into the talent and deserve some protection/reward...since
no one ever put money into promoting me I figured that would be a reasonable
defense if it ever came up.


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