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Re: Non-compete contract

I don't recall seeing any language like that in the bill that was
approved.  I think if you violate your contract and cut and run the
employer recourse would be to sue you for breach of contract, not
violation of non-compete.

I agree I think employers brought the non-compete ban on themselves by
enforcing it even when the employer terminated the services of the
employee.  I personally know of talent that had non-competes that
prevented them from working ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET for a year or more
after leaving the employ of the company regardless of why they left.


On Mon, 17 Apr 2000 11:18:55 -0400 "Schwoegler, Bruce W"
<BRUCES@boston.cbs.com> writes:
>> I believe that a no-compete CAN STILL BE ENFORCED if you cut and run 
> to the
> competition under the new law.  In that case, you initiated the 
> departure
> for personal gain at the expense of the current employer.
> Bruce Schwoegler

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