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Re: Fwd: Re: I read the Wall Street Journal so you don't have to

I think that argument was probably used in the late 
thirties, when I was just a toddler, in response to the 
bobby soxers (that era's equivalent of today's 
Generation Y). Either the writer simply thought the idea 
would sell books or he is young enough himself that he 
lacks historical perspective. I do not think that 
today's situation is unique--except perhaps that today's 
decision makers are more ignorant of history than were 
their counterparts several generations ago.

> I just read a book called
> "Nobrow" by John Seabrook of the New Yorker magazine;
> one thing I took from it is that media that rely
> on an "image of quality" to appeal to advertisers are
> going to be swamped by the youth mass sub-culture of 
> no culture.  Hundreds of thousands of adolescents and
> young adults with 'X' amount of money to spend will
> matter more than a small number of people with higher
> average disposable income, except for products
> and services that pertain to them alone (retirement
> communities for example).