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WBOQ sold?

I was perusing the FCC actions and applications as I
usually do once a week, and I noticed some movement
pertaining to Marlin Broadcasting properties, 
including WTMI, Miami recently sold for 100-MILL...
but along with that transaction, which had already
been bruited about here and elsewhere, I saw a 
reference to WBOQ in colorful Gloucester, MA being
transferred to Cox (the suckers who overpaid for 
WTMI probably).  Hey, I thought the Marlin folks 
were holding on to the coastal New England properties
because they like it here!  Maybe after the April
chill we've just experienced (April is the cruellest
month after all) they decided enough of this;  off to 
Hawaii!  Or was this entry in error;  nah  the 
Federal Government never makes a mistake.

Laurence from Methuen

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