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Re: WBOQ sold?

I saw the item too, but I believe Scott Fybush covered 
the WBOQ situation in NERW a couple of weeks ago. Marlin 
is good at structuring deals in which they sell a bunch 
of peoperties and then take back a few. If I recall 
correctly, Scott explained how the deal was structured, 
and it has big tax advantages for Marlin. If Scott 
didn't write about this deal, maybe I read about it in M 
Street Journal.
> I was perusing the FCC actions and applications as I
> usually do once a week, and I noticed some movement
> pertaining to Marlin Broadcasting properties, 
> including WTMI, Miami recently sold for 100-MILL...
> but along with that transaction, which had already
> been bruited about here and elsewhere, I saw a 
> reference to WBOQ in colorful Gloucester, MA being
> transferred to Cox (the suckers who overpaid for 
> WTMI probably).  Hey, I thought the Marlin folks 
> were holding on to the coastal New England properties
> because they like it here!  Maybe after the April
> chill we've just experienced (April is the cruellest
> month after all) they decided enough of this;  off to 
> Hawaii!  Or was this entry in error;  nah  the 
> Federal Government never makes a mistake.