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Dodgers on KXTA-1150

Kevin Vahey wondered...

>A little off the New England track Garrett and I apoligize for that, but can
>someone explain how XTRA in Los Angeles on 1150 snared the Dodgers?
>(actually KTRA) and have the Dodgers slipped that much that they are now on
>a 5 KW in Southern California?????
>This would be like the Yankees on WMCA, I don't get it....        

An ironic comparison, really, and here's why: Both WMCA and KXTA are
former class III stations, now class C, no longer bound by the old
5kw limits on the class.

In the case of WMCA, that means that long-delayed CP to boost power
to something like 30 kW.

In the case of KXTA (the correct calls on the former KIIS AM), that
meant a major power increase around the time the station got the 
Dodgers.  KXTA now runs 50 kW day and something well over 5 kw night,
diplexing with, if memory serves, KTNQ 1020.

I'm told it's a pretty good signal over most or all of the LA
basin.  When I was in Santa Barbara in January, it was audible but
far from strong. (At the time, Clear Channel was relaying KXTA's
"XTRA Sports" programming over KXXT-1340 in Santa Barbara; while
that and several other simulcasts -- like KCKC 1350 San Bernardino --
have since ended, KXTA is still simulcast on a few stations in places
like Apple Valley.  It's NOT a straight simulcast with CC-programmed
"XTRA Sports 690," XETRA Tijuana-San Diego.)

The KXTA power increase was accomplished by buying and taking dark
two other 1150s in California, KBAI Morro Bay (near San Luis Obispo
and Hearst Castle; its towers were still up in January) and KMXN
Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco.

Even with the Dodgers, KXTA has been less than a ratings powerhouse
in LA...