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Couple Changes Newburgh Way

Hadn't seen this noted on b-r-i lately, but some format changes have 
happened Newburgh way.

Translators W231AG (94.1) and W293AE (106.5), have either been sold to are 
being leased by the Pillar of Fire Minstries--they are both now relaying 
Zarepath NJ's WAWZ. This deal (of translator FRAUD) was effective March 1.

Last Saturday (4/1), WGNY (1220) switched from AP news to ABC Oldies 
(ironically the format they had before flipping TO news last October). Joe 
Manglass (who in the past has hosted shows on WGNY and sister ABC Hot AC 
WGNY-FM) returns to do a morning show.

Over at WRRV/WRRB (92.7 Middletown/96.9 Poughkeepsie), Lynn Thompson resigns 
as News Director (a position she had held since 92.7's days as WKOJ). She 
has been replaced by a rewrite of sister News Talk 13's news read by weekend 
jock Liz Fox on WRRV's "Music All Morning" show.

A little more north, Hot AC combo "The Cat" (WCTW/98.5 Catskill and 
WCTJ/96.1 Poughkeepsie) dumped using WW1's "Bright AC" service several weeks 
ago to go all-local outside of syndicated programming.

Jason Bereza
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