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In a message dated 4/1/00 2:48:01 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.net writes:

<<  1440 is more
 or less a simulcast of WEEI already, isn't it? 830 and 850 as a combo would
 be a better facility than WBZ--albeit without the 38-state reach at night. >>

You'd be surprised, it isn't. At times when you would think it would be 
logical for the two stations to simulcast (weekend programming originating at 
WEEI), they don't. Instead, WWTM usually airs a lot more ESPN Radio 
programming than WEEI. (I have never understood why 850 doesn't air more from 
ESPN, considering its the best sports radio network in the country and a lot 
better quality programming than Sportsfan. I would rather hear ESPN 
overnights.) Also, they don't even simulcast in AM drive, IIRC, 1440 still 
airs Imus in the Morning.

And 830 could have a solid reach even into Springfield during the day and 
possibly reach down toward Hartford, winning the battle for listeners in the 
Sturbridge/Southbridge/Stafford area from WPOP (1410).