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Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:

> You'd be surprised, it isn't. At times when you would think it would be
> logical for the two stations to simulcast (weekend programming originating at
> WEEI), they don't. Instead, WWTM usually airs a lot more ESPN Radio
> programming than WEEI. (I have never understood why 850 doesn't air more from
> ESPN, considering its the best sports radio network in the country and a lot
> better quality programming than Sportsfan. I would rather hear ESPN
> overnights.)

WWTM runs the syndicated "Sports Junkies" from 10-1am weeknights, then it's ESPN
after that, and all weekend.   I think that Sportsfan runs on WEEI largely due to
overnight host JT "The Brick."  I believe that WEEI is Sportsfan's largest market,
and the Brick often takes Boston calls and discusses Boston sports teams on his
show, giving it a very local feel for a syndicated program.  Either that, or the
network is paying EEI big bucks to keep them as an affiliate.

> Also, they don't even simulcast in AM drive, IIRC, 1440 still
> airs Imus in the Morning.

Not true.  Entercom dropped the I-man in Worcester as well.  1440 has simulcast
Dennis and Callahan since day one.

> And 830 could have a solid reach even into Springfield during the day and
> possibly reach down toward Hartford, winning the battle for listeners in the
> Sturbridge/Southbridge/Stafford area from WPOP (1410).

I seriously doubt that WEEI really cares if their signal reaches that far down
into Connecticut.  Besides, WFAN pretty much has the lock on sportsradio in
Connecticut and they sound MUCH better than WEEI.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7