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No; 50,000W days and the same 5000W nights that WCRN has run since it signed
on. That isn't to say that a nighttime power increase would be impossible; I
think it would be possible, but probably not from the existing towers.
Brokered religion may not appeal to a large audience but it's generally
quite profitable. I wonder if Carbury (Carberry?) and Entercom might swap
Worcester signals. Clearly Entercom would have to pay a fair piece of change
for the better 830 signal, but pairing up two 50 kW signals on 830 and 850
would be cool. Even with 50 kW, WCRN will not be a factor in the city of
Boston, and WEEI's signal drops off to the west fairly quickly. 1440 is more
or less a simulcast of WEEI already, isn't it? 830 and 850 as a combo would
be a better facility than WBZ--albeit without the 38-state reach at night.


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>Now that they've gotten the go-ahead to increase power, might WCRN-830
>drop it's (mostly) simulcast of WROL's religious, etc. format for
>something that would appeal to more listeners to go along with a new
>signal (which I believe will be 50,000 watts day and 10,000 watts night)