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RE: WSMN plays same song 243 times!


> Reminds me of the weekend at the old WSSH in the mid 70's when they still
> had the duel "55's" cart stackers for commercials. One weekend it jammed
> and played the same spot for Lallas Buick all weekend.  No one caught it
> until Monday when Frank Messina looked at the printout of the log. 
> Arnold Lerner was not amused.
> df
> Having been there back in 1978, tracking the AM Spots/logs on the other
> side of the glass from WSSH it, staggers my imagination how that spot ran
> all weekend with the jocks in the AM Control Room and NX Room less than a
> ten foot distance from the "Wish Contol Center" back at ol' 4 Broadway...
> Dave, wasn't the FM control room "alarmed" for such failures back then??
> Unless I'm thinking of something else, there was some sort of flashing (or
> steady) light in the AM control that clued the jock that he needed to tend
> to the automation.... I'm not sure if the alarm was for dead air or
> mechanical/technical difficutly...  Nonetheless I got to get some air time
> behind the AM board a number of times (seguing, etc) when Dan Guy or Mike
> Baltoumas, etc.. would have to spend a few minutes in the FM control room.
> Quite a charge for a high school kid...
	Did we bill Lallas Buick for the extra spots?  Bill O. - Loved the
"Soft Hits" ancedote! Thanks for sharing!!
> Ron Gitschier ("Gitch")
> 1978 Alum @ 4 Broadway
> Netherland Antillies