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Re: WVMT, WPTR new home of EXPOS?

Evening signals for WVMT is listenable in the western part of Montreal
Island, where the English listenership would be concentrated....WPTR has a
passable signal but tends to fade in and out, thus, WVMT would be the
station of choice for Montrealers, WPTR for Upstate New York.

Stephen Pickford

Host / Producer -- "Travel World Radio Show"

At 10:42 AM 4/1/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Rumors are flying that for at least next week WVMT in Burlington and WPTR in
>Albany will be the Expo's "english" network.
>My question is does either put a decent nightime signal onto the Island of
>Montreal? ( I know WVMT has an OK signal by day)

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