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Re: More Thoughts On WCCM

At 03:56 PM 3/30/00 -0500, PublicRef2 wrote:
>The way things are going, local radio programming could practically
>vanish from all a handful of stations in the top 50 markets within a
>couple of years. Already, local programming in markets smaller than
>about number 75 is almost nonexistant.

Huh?  Got some stats to back this up?  Sure, most AMs are running bird
programming today, but with only a few exceptions, an AM station these days
is a money sinkhole anyway...you just try to lose less.  I work in the
Manchester, N.H. market (top 200, but just barely) and all FMs serving this
market are programmed locally.  Granted, some are automated & voicetracked,
but it's still locally produced.