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Re: promo CDs

At 06:44 PM 3/25/00 -0800, Cooper Fox wrote:
>   Checked out Gavin and r and r's sites...  RandR
>wants a lot of money to get their 'zine and be able to
>list with them.  I am familliar with their system
>because i work with it at WHSN in Bangor.  Here at
>WREM we have a seriuosly neg cash flow prob.

R&R also has pretty strict criteria to be a reporter.  If you're not
pulling fairly good numbers in a top 200 market (actual threshold varies by
format), forget it, they're not interested in you.  Gavin is a little less
choosy about who they allow as reporters...they are a good foot in the door
with a label.  Subscription costs to Gavin aren't much cheaper than R&R,
though.  Much depends on the rapport you have with your local promo rep.
Some labels will treat you well, some will ignore you completely, others
you will have to constantly bug them.  Getting good record service takes a
lot of work.  Gone are the days when you could fire off a few letters on
station letterhead and the CDs start pouring in.  It will take time,
especially being in a small market.  Depending on how current-based your
station is, you may have to resort to a music service like TM-Century's
HitDiscs...a lot of smaller market stations find that it's the only way to
get what they need.