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RE: Which Northeast stations use RDS?

As a case in point, WTKK's RDS program identifier is still programmed to
display "WSJZ". I think I am the only one that ever notices.

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<< We use the RDS system's Phantom.  Not a bad system but
 all we use it for is quick breaks.  We have no idea as
 to how to use it for it's full potential.  Why do ya
 have an interest in RDS? >>

In this case, the original post was referring to the "Radio Data System", a
device that allows stations to encode their signal with a text message
displayed on the radio. For example, WTKK's RDS message is "FM-Talk". It was
a system that was highly praised in the 80's and has fallen in to disuse.
Much like AM Stereo. Many stations after changing format and/or call letters
often forget to change the RDS text message.

Hope that clears it up. :)

Rob Walker