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Re: Nashua Pride Pulls The Plug on Radio

Roger Kirk wrote:
> An article in today's Nashua Telegraph
> describes the Nashua Prides decision
> to "Pull The Plug" on the WSMN broadcasts.
> Citing radio air-time as an expense that's
> "non-sellable. (approx $25,000)
> Strange, I thought radio time was sellable.
> Does this mean they pay $25,000 for air time
> and WSMN takes all the avails?
> Sounds like a bad bargain to me.

In the once-real world, stations paid the teams for the bcast rights
then hustled to make MORE than the rights fees for this thing called
"profit."  The team paying the station is not new, either, but the
TEAM has to have a sales unit sell radio, not something that's is so
easy to do if you have little else to work with. A local radio account
exec. can entice a client to buy the games by sweetening the pot with
some ROS or a bunch of custom team/sponsor combo-promos.  If
"allsyougot" is the team to sell then you could possibly give away
some seats, a banner (if you own the ball yard rights) ...or a
harmless round of paddy cake with the mascot in the stretch.   

Play ball...

Bill O'Neill