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Re: Nashua Pride Pulls The Plug on Radio

At 03:26 PM 3/23/00 -0500, Roger Kirk wrote:
>An article in today's Nashua Telegraph
>describes the Nashua Prides decision
>to "Pull The Plug" on the WSMN broadcasts.
>Citing radio air-time as an expense that's
>"non-sellable. (approx $25,000)
>Strange, I thought radio time was sellable.
>Does this mean they pay $25,000 for air time
>and WSMN takes all the avails?
>Sounds like a bad bargain to me.

Avails?  WSMN??  What do they do, run PSAs there...their spot load is close
to zilch.  IMHO it's no big loss...for some little bush league team, the
Pride seem to think they're the Red Sox or something, that they can jerk
everyone around and they'll come back for more.  Our station got burnt by
them a couple summers ago.