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WCRN gets CP for 50 kW-D

According to today's FCC actions, the Commission has granted WCRN's
application for 50 kW-D. The nighttime 5 kW operation is not affected. Since
the new day facilities use the existing day pattern, no new towers are
needed. Therefore, construction _ought_ to proceed quite rapidly--unless Mr
Carberry was counting on the proceeds of the never-consummated sale of his
other six stations to finance the construction. With 50 kW, the 5.0 mV/m
daytime contour must just barely miss WEEI's 5.0 mV/m, so if one day it
sounds as if WEEI has flipped to religion, take a second look at the
dial--you've got Wistah, not Bahstin. (Ignore the last sentence if all of
your radios are digitally tuned.) Both of WCRN's patterns are cardioids. The
day one is aimed northeast to protect the AM 840 in New Britain. The night
one is aimed pretty much due east to protect WCCO.

Now that we've got one new big-signal AM (albeit a daytimer--WMEX) that's
doing some decent programming, it's probably too much to hope that Mr
Carberry will flip WCRN to something different from the highly profitable
brokered religion that WCRN has run since its inception.

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