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Re: Nashua Pride Pulls The Plug on Radio

In a message dated 3/26/00 11:41:31 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil writes:

<< Whaddya mean? WCCM employees hand out 300 foot longwire antennae at the
 stadium on game nights so that the fans can have a fighting chance to hear
 them after dark... >>

Really? Then the Spinners DIDN'T publicize that giveaway! <g> In reality, I 
guess it isn't too bad of a deal for the Spinners, since they probably draw a 
good deal of fans from the Lawrence/Haverhill corridor, so having the games 
on WCCM gives that audience a chance to listen to the games. Personally, I 
don't understand why something couldn't be reached with WJUL that they air 
(at least home) games during the summer, since the games are all at night and 
played during summer recess. (You never know they might pick up some 
fundraising that way, maybe wrapping a fundraising plea around games a la 
Channel 2.)

As far as the Pride: It's a pathetic team in a pathetic league. There is only 
one really good team in that league (Bridgeport) and that's because the state 
built them a $20 million ballpark.