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RE: Tropos

WOMR 92.1 Provincetown.

> I'm still getting some trop action this morning.  I was in Southboro and I
> picked up the 92.1 in P-town (I forget the calls at the moment) which
> overrode Peterborough, which is pretty strong in Eastern Worcester County.
> In fact, most of the Cape Cod stations werr coming in like
> locals.  This is a
> fairly normal occurence during the summer months, but it's sort of odd to
> have this solid of an opening in late March.
> Mike Thomas
> WXLO & Mediabase 24/7
> Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:
> > Same thing around here... Boston is sounding local here, even
> the smaller
> > ones like WFNX and WBOT are both coming in here in Agawam near
> the BIG E.
> > Also the usual Big Guys from the Providence area are beaming in too, but
> > stronger tonight than usual.