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Re: Tropos

I'm still getting some trop action this morning.  I was in Southboro and I
picked up the 92.1 in P-town (I forget the calls at the moment) which
overrode Peterborough, which is pretty strong in Eastern Worcester County.
In fact, most of the Cape Cod stations werr coming in like locals.  This is a
fairly normal occurence during the summer months, but it's sort of odd to
have this solid of an opening in late March.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Same thing around here... Boston is sounding local here, even the smaller
> ones like WFNX and WBOT are both coming in here in Agawam near the BIG E.
> Also the usual Big Guys from the Providence area are beaming in too, but
> stronger tonight than usual.