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Re: Tropos

In a message dated 03/23/2000 9:17:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
nostatic@earthlink.net writes:

<< In fact, most of the Cape Cod stations werr coming in like locals. >>


   i'm with you on the weird/unusual.  i listened to WROR 5/5 all the way 
home (on the factory installed am/fm in my Chrysler minivan) and right into 
the driveway.  then even tuned it in on the little old b&w tv/radio combo on 
the kitchen counter... the one with the broken antenna.  (no, sorry Scott, no 
photos available  ;-)  )   mind you, we've got 105.7 Laconia due west, and 
105.9 just to the north of us.  the Pru is both south and west of my home in 
South Portland.  i'm near the water, but absolutely no sign of the fog bank 
north of Portsmouth.  The northern most edge was just over the old Navy 
prison at the Kittery Shipyard.
   not complaining, though.  Loren and Wally make me laugh... plus, when they 
come in, that means i can head home.  it's a double benefit.

- -Chuck Igo