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Re: WBZ using CBS News on overnights?

>Sean Smyth wrote:
>Yes, but if you run it on the 10s, then you can't run the network news at the
>top of the hour. (After all, the top of the hour ends in a '0'!, though I
>guess you could run it at :59.)

        Got me there. How about leaving it on the 3s and covering the
network ad (that runs at around :02 or :03) with the traffic? Run the ad
later in the hour. Although, as you say, a *compromise* would be to run the
"on-the-10s" at :59 and claim it was already on the hour, even though the
network news had yet to arrive. As someone else mentioned, WBZ doesn't do
traffic and weather together, but has one on the 3s and the other on the
10s, so they're already using the 10s. I thought Mike Thomas' post,
however, was a bullseye. Why change what they're doing now?
        A few weeks ago I heard a talk station doing the thing with moving
up the "on-the-10s" to :59 to get out of the way for a network news. They
just gave a false timecheck to make it fit (really!). At least on a
weekend, when I heard it, that's what they were doing. I'm not sure what
station, as I have even more trouble remembering what station I heard doing
what now that radio is on the internet. But, I heard this done over the
internet and I think it was KLIF (if that's still the calls), 570 kHz,
        They were claiming "traffic and weather on the 10s," or something
to that effect, but the local news reader would come on at :59, or maybe
58:45, and somehow they'd fit in headlines, mini-traffic, and a truncated
weather, with the teaser of full weather at :05. But the announcer would be
saying, 60 or 70 seconds before the hour, that it was whatever-o'clock. I
guess on that station the time never is :59 <g>. Very amusing to hear.