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Re: WBZ using CBS News on overnights?

First off, not all Infinity News AM's do their traffic/weather together on
the 8's.  WCBS does, but WINS does it on the 10's and KYW does it on the
2's.  I'm not sure about WTOP, but I don't recall doing it on the 8's. All
the Infinity news stations have used their respective weather/traffic
formats for many years.  Why would they want WBZ to change theirs now?  WBZ
has trained their listeners for a long time to listen for weather on the
10's and traffic on the threes, and more importantly, they keep the
listeners tuned in for both reports, which along with headlines comprises
five minutes of continuous listening--just enough to grab that quarter-hour
of credit in an Arbitron diary.  This system has worked for years and still
does today, so why screw with it?

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

> And, I think in time, 'BZ will take the whole five-miute 'cast, and put
> Traffic and Weather Together On The 8's, like most of the company's
> other all-nws stations.