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Re: WBZ using CBS News on overnights?


However, WTOP is a CBS affiliate but not an O&O.

In a message dated 3/22/00 10:16:18 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
nostatic@earthlink.net writes:

> First off, not all Infinity News AM's do their traffic/weather together on
>  the 8's.  WCBS does, but WINS does it on the 10's and KYW does it on the
>  2's.  I'm not sure about WTOP, but I don't recall doing it on the 8's. All
>  the Infinity news stations have used their respective weather/traffic
>  formats for many years.  Why would they want WBZ to change theirs now?  WBZ
>  has trained their listeners for a long time to listen for weather on the
>  10's and traffic on the threes, and more importantly, they keep the
>  listeners tuned in for both reports, which along with headlines comprises
>  five minutes of continuous listening--just enough to grab that quarter-hour
>  of credit in an Arbitron diary.  This system has worked for years and still
>  does today, so why screw with it?
>  Mike Thomas
>  WXLO & Mediabase 24/7