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Re: Long-term remotes (Was Re: Field trips)

In a message dated 03/20/2000 9:32:39 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
mwaters@mail.wesleyan.edu writes:

<<  the WBZ sundeck studio gig at Paragon
 Park in Nantasket. Bruce Bradley -- for several summers, maybe 1964 through
 at least 67 or 68 -- did his show there basically every night from sometime
 in June through Labor Day >>

that was then replaced by the mobile-home sized studio.  The "sundeck" was 
near the Nantasket Ave entrance near "The Whip", IIRC.  The 
mobile-home/trailer thing was set up towards the back of the park after the 
"deck" was retired, down by "The Kooky Kastle".  (one of my early "radio 
geek" memories... the other being the Park Square window front studios that 
Nana Igo used to make sure we got to swing by on our trips into the city)
     that "summer setup" was probably one of the longer, out of the studio 
schedules ever.  i know a lot of stations have done, and still do, the 
seasonal week to a month kind of events.

- -Chuck Igo