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Long-term remotes (Was Re: Field trips)

>Sean Smyth wrote:
> (I also remember when WHDH had the storefront seasonal studio at
>Jordan Marsh and WBZ's mobile studio was parked a block or so away at
>Downtown Crossing.)

        The most unusual remote I'm familiar with in terms of a long-term
semi-permanent seasonal set-up was the WBZ sundeck studio gig at Paragon
Park in Nantasket. Bruce Bradley -- for several summers, maybe 1964 through
at least 67 or 68 -- did his show there basically every night from sometime
in June through Labor Day, and Sunday afternoon, too. In 1963 (and I think
1963 only)  they did the same gig from Revere Beach. I think they skipped
the remote only if the Sunday show was on tape so he had an extra day off
or on days with significantly bad rain.
        Anybody know of a remote that was anything like five days a week
for two to three months of the year for several years?