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Re: Field trips

>Chuck Igo wrote:
> but you said you were, at most, 6... that makes those of us who
>did the shows in the window "old guys".  (ugh, he says with a wink and a

        You want old? How about: I remember a Christmastime, almost sure it
was 1963, when WBZ was doing remotes from inside a large strorefront on
Arlington Street facing Boston Common. I think it was close to the Tremont
Street corner. The station was raising money for, I'm almost certain, the
Salvation Army, which I think they did for many years, one way or another.
And I think it was the Salvation Army's headquarters office premises they
were in.
        I remember it as a storefront that maybe had a very tall,
two-storey glass front and the inside was a large lobby area with a very
high/two-storey ceiling. I can't remember whether they had their sundeck
studio rig in there or just an indoor remote set-up. See, I was VERY young,
sort of.
        It was, in fact, my very earliest radio geek days. I had just
really discovered radio listening that year on my Lafayette 9-transitor
radio, and I dragged my parents in there from doing the Santa thing at
Jordan Marsh and looking at the decorations on the common. I don't remember
the DJ on duty. Could have been Dave Maynard, or Jay Dunn, or Jefferson
Kaye, but I'm saying that only because of what time of day it would have
        I don't remember whether they kept doing that same remote in later
years, and don't know whether they had done it in earlier years.