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RE: Field trips

Even though WWLP has, A) a much better signal in Springfield and B)
Consistently blows 40 out of the water ratings wise. In fact not only do we
blow 40 out, so does WFSB! Question... Do you work for them?


> I live in Chicopee and I am amazed at the brand new Channel 22 studios
> (although i am a big watcher of News40/WGGB) and I have watched
> Channel 22,
> but I still like News 40. I think News 40 covers our area better and has
> more information important to us, with  the special family health reports
> with Beth Ward, and Dave Madsen's othr reports on the Jahn Foundry Blast.
> When it comes to local news and remembering, as in the case of John
> DiNapoli, News 40 definately is the best Springfield television
> station. It
> is iaffiliated with the correct network which has produced shows like Who
> Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Monday Night Football. I would definately
> watch NEWS40 unless something that I do not like happens in the future, I
> would switch to WFSB (which I already watch on Sunday Mornings
> for news) and
> Channel 22 in my opinion is not high-tech enough for a place in
> the center
> of Hartford, Albany, and Boston.
> -Adam