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Re: Field trips

In a message dated 03/19/2000 10:50:39 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
brian_vita@cssinc.com writes:

<< couldn't use the carts if the unit was running on its generator.  The 
 of the machines did some nasty things.  Any experience along these 
 lines?  Did it also affect the RTR's?  Line freq problems? >>


   some of the unit's power supplies were designed to run on gen or land 
lines.  i know the WGAN unit was land power only.  (usually a fifty foot 
orange extension cord that ran to a power drop outlet up in a tree somewhere) 
 always made for interesting late evening remotes at events such as the 
Yarmouth Clam Festival when the teenagers would come down the street, and one 
of them would inevitably climb the tree and yank the plug.  a fun time was 
had by all.  ha ha ha.  see, i can still laugh about it now.  (#%&**@ 
   i know that most of the marti units through the 80's could be run on 
"ship's power", but if you fed audio through the console, it did pick up 
engine hum.
   now, the bugs seem to have been worked out of all of the portable issues.  
sounds pretty darn good ( a tip of the hat to the WRKO engineering crew who 
handled the Stephanie Miller TaxiCab remote )
   wasn't it WBCN back in the mid 80's who did some mobile shots with Mark 
Parenteau in the afternoon using a relay from the van (old Wicked Yellah...) 
to an airplane circling above which fed the signal back to the Fenway 

- -Chuck Igo