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Re: Field trips

   Sean wrote:

> I remember years ago -- had to be in the 4-6 age bracket at the time --
> mother dragged me down to Fanueil Hall for one reason or another, and
WHDH is 
> broadcasting from there at the time. (Tom Kennedy was the jock on duty.)
> Does anyone know definitively where Tom is now? I was driving across our 
> great country a few weeks ago and I believe I heard him jocking a
> AC service (SMN?) on some AM station in Montana, though I'm not sure it
> the same Tom Kennedy. (To me, it sounded like him.) 

   Check out the WILI(Wilimantic CT) website at  www.wili.com  
Click on the AM side of the page,check out their personalities page.Pics of
"their" jocks(mostly Satellite Music Network folks outside of drive
times).Picture of their evening jock,Tom Kennedy.Looks like the same Tom of
WRKO/WHDH/WBZ/WVBF/WODS/WMJX (did I miss any stations?) fame.