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Re: Emergency Preparations

At 06:51 PM 3/19/00 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 03/19/2000 5:13:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>kempp@bethel.k12.ct.us writes:
>    as far as back-up readiness goes, the GBRG facility has a generator unit
>that will run a small,  five radio station cluster for several days if need
>be.  it's tested monthly, and the switchover is seemless.  considering the
>amount of computers involved, that's pretty slick.  or as we simple
>announcers like to say:  oooooh.

>Back in the WOAZ days on 99.5, there was a power failure in the wee hours 
>of a Sunday morning at the TX.  The generator kicked in and ran its gas 
>supply dry.  The engineering staff had a hard time getting it going and 
>back on the air.  During the Sunday morning Jazz Brunch, the TX kept going 
>up and down as they tried to get the generator running again.  Is WKLB 
>still using that unit?

Around the same period they were recording "emergency" shows on video tape 
(audio only) for emergency use from the TX sites.  Is that still the plan 
or are they going to use the jukeboxes at the TX?

(Not looking for any company secrets, just curious)


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