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Re: Emergency Preparations

In a message dated 03/19/2000 5:13:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kempp@bethel.k12.ct.us writes:

<< Has EAS taken the 
 pressure off, or added to, programming for local/area problems? >>


   it would seem to me that, if the EAS device is installed properly that 
yes, the pressure is off.  the EAS has a time function that allows any 
message which comes with the "rebroadcast/relay required" coding to fire 
itself at a certain point.  i say if the device is installed properly, as it 
is at GBRG. (you know, i'm not really sure if the actual description of the 
installation a "properly installed EAS endec unit" is unclassified...  
Engineers?  is the "proper installation" public knowledge?  until i hear 
otherwise, i'd like to defer that description.) 
   as far as back-up readiness goes, the GBRG facility has a generator unit 
that will run a small,  five radio station cluster for several days if need 
be.  it's tested monthly, and the switchover is seemless.  considering the 
amount of computers involved, that's pretty slick.  or as we simple 
announcers like to say:  oooooh.  
  another really neat "ooooh" in the studios is the ability to page the 
engineering staff without ever picking up the phone.  each studio has a 
paper-less "liner" system, where the commercial tags and the little things 
the boss wants to you cross-promote are available on-screen, controlled by a 
simple numeric keypad.   if you have a major technical problem, simply dial 
"9 1 1" on the keypad, and up comes the full range of engineering staff with 
the subsequent key code to automatically call each pager.  (ex:  Chief Eng:  
9 1 2, next eng: 9 1 3, etc) as well as the actual numbers of their pagers 
   additionally, there are back-up "music systems" at each TX location.  if 
the studio is sending zero audio for more than thirty seconds, the TX music 
kicks in, and pagers are activated for the engineers, letting them know of a 
problem between the studio and the TX.
   glad we weren't still in the Back Bay last night (Sat.3/18).  power 
outages area wide due to underground wire fires....  stuck elevators and 
    given the New Mexico situation:  a weekend.  Late Saturday afternoon into 
the evening.  usually the time THE MOST INEXEPERIENCED operators are on duty. 
 (show of hands:  how many have put off calling "the boss" cuz you didn't 
want him/her to think you were stupid...???  how many have bitten the bullet 
and made the calls, pre- and post-answering machines, only to get no response 
or answer?  
  In my early days:  yes to both)  
and of course, with the major de-emphasis of news in radio, who has an up to 
date emergency phone list available?  what newsroom has an actual rolodex 
with actual up to date phone numbers?
     it was always my experience in an "Adult Contemp" format that the 
full-service stations have the best info, such as a constantly updated phone 
contact list.  and the best newsrooms always had some extra AP ribbons around.

- -Chuck Igo (WROR)