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new, improved WAAF hoax

It's not quite April 1, but WAAF has another hoax in the news.  This
time around, I would tip my hat to them--if I had a hat.  The
Tom-Menino-is-dead thing which proved to be a great career move for Opie
'n' Anthony a couple years ago never impressed me.  How much wit does it
take to say someone died in a car crash?  I found the stunt remarkably
devoid of any cleverness.

If you still have last Sunday's Globe (3-12) hanging around, check out
the wedding pictures on G19.  In particular, check out Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Rocko:

"Carla Birdsey of Revere and Thomas Rocko of Boston were married at the
Elvis Chapel in Atlantic City, N.J.  The bride, daughter of Albert and
Louise Birdsey of Revere, graduated from the Blaine School of Hair
Dressing and Cosmetology and owns a salon in Revere.  The groom, son of
Vince and Dolores Rocko, is employed as a computer software designer.
The couple will travel to the Jersey shore."

If that's really Tom Birdsey posing next to afternoon drive co-host
Rocko, he makes a plausible, albeit somewhat less than fetching, woman.
I am no judge of coiffures (thank goodness we don't need to worry about
that kinda stuff in radio) but I doubt Birdsey's hair would be a good
advertisement for that Revere salon.

Friday's Globe (2-17) included an editor's note on A2 acknowledging the
hoax.  It even mentioned the call letters...Paul Harvey would never do
that!  He'd say "they'd want me to tell you what station they work for"
and move right on to the next story.

By the way, if you're still looking at G19 in last Sunday's Globe,
there's an interstation marriage there...presumably a real one.
Salespeople from WKLB and WQSX are united as Mr. and Mr. John Chase.
Hmmm...those initials...Jammin' Country!