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Re: Emergency Preparations

In a message dated 03/20/2000 9:38:23 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
brian_vita@cssinc.com writes:

<<  Is WKLB 
 >still using that unit?
 Around the same period they were recording "emergency" shows on video tape 
 (audio only) for emergency use from the TX sites.  Is that still the plan 
 or are they going to use the jukeboxes at the TX? >>

the current studio generator unit is the large, green tractor-trailer sized 
unit you can see in the back parking lot from the expressway (look down 
before the Columbia Rd exit).  i'm told by engineering that i can run for up 
to five days without a fill-up.
   the unit to which Brian refered was not at the current Morrissey Blvd 
studios, the unit to which i refered.
   also, the videotape music back-up system was pretty smart.  six hours of 
emergency programming at the base of each 'mitter.  the tapes have been 
replaced by a couple of hours of hard drive music at each mitter.   
   and yes, being a company secret, i'll now be forced to ....  (i'm kidding.)

- -Chuck Igo