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pirate in Beverly?

My power was out today at my apartment in Beverly
for about an hour or so (tree fell on power wires
nearby) so I tuned in some radio on my recordable 
AM/FM/cassette, and I heard the Barenaked Ladies on a
frequency equidistant between WGBH and WBUR. Thought
it was odd; two tunes later, a kid sounding like a
high school student came on to say I was listening to
WLMK, 89.3 FM. (I taped about 20 minutes of it.)

They were playing stuff like U2 and the Smashing
Pumpkins and gave the weather. A few minutes later
they shut off after saying they were broadcasting from
the Landmark School, and "we'll be back on about
The Landmark School is next to Endicott College and
about a mile from my house.

Not sure if the station is OK under the flea-power
rules (a milliwatt or so?); maybe they have a special
permit or maybe they're just a pirate and the school
has no idea they're not following the FCC rules.
Just curious...again, the signal was received about a
mile away, and fairly clearly.

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