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Re: WBZ transmitter

>Roger Kirk wrote:
>Mark Watson said an acquaintance called WBZ about bad
>reception, and they were told the work is scheduled to be
>finished in early December.

        I wonder why they couldn't shut down one tower at a time and run
their regular 50 kW, as a non-DA, out of the other one? They may have good
reasons. As far as I can tell, there is no land area except parts of Cape
Cod and parts of the Maritimes in Canada where a non-DA signal would
increase the signal. The opposite would be the case. So, they would not
increase interference toward any other station, unless there's one in the
Maritimes that's a problem. Even 10 or 25 kW from Hull would be better than
10 from the short tower in the parking lot, IMO.